Tuesday, March 5, 2013

i want a place where i can smoke meats.

just got back from nashville with my college friend and partner in southern-traveling crime, gleni, who flew down from brooklyn to meet me in music city for a fun-filled weekend. we had a couple of fabulous tour guides- gleni's friend who is originally from the area, and her friend from knoxville. after some minor flight delays, here's what happened (with bonus pictures!):

  • breakfast for lunch at the loveless cafe: 
we waited for over an hour, but it was so worth it! eggs and sausage and biscuits and something called "tennessee sipping cream" which was like a gross bailey's...but that was my fault for not ordering it with coffee. still dreaming about the homemade jams.

  • first saturday art crawl:
this was really cool. on the first saturday of every month, the galleries of downtown nashville (there are a bunch, surprisingly) open their doors to the public, and visitors are welcome to stroll and admire the art while enjoying complimentary wine and drinks like warm root beer toddies (an exciting prospect for about like...4 sips). it was a great way to get a sense of the local people & culture.

  • dinner at puckett's:
the stars aligned, man! i had read about this grocery & restaurant prior to the trip, but wasn't banking on getting a table without a reservation on a saturday night. we strolled in just before 8:30pm, and snagged the last table in the place just as the band, raven cliff, started to perform. i'm not a country fan, but they converted me--especially after they launched into "won't back down" by tom petty.

  • whiskey kitchen:
we topped off the night at a trendy little bar/restaurant where apparently jack white and kings of leon hang out? all we saw were yuppies, but they had WHISKEY SOUR PITCHERS so i was really excited about it. i also dougied and gleni toasted to a photo of tom petty. at this point we decided he was watching over us during this entire trip.

  • burger brunch:
we nursed our semi-hangovers with the best remedy EVER: huge-ass cheeseburgers & chocolate milkshakes at a so-called "burger parlor & beer garden" in the hipster-filled neighborhood of east nashville. delicious! 

  • opryland hotel & convention center:
i was told by more than one person that i needed to visit the opryland hotel's indoor gardens and i'm so glad that we did. the place was like a friggin' rainforest inside! we kept getting lost but it was fine, and then we took an awesome boat ride around the little moat-thing. it had ducks and fish in it. ridiculous.

  • hillsboro village:
loved this place! a little neighborhood near vanderbilt, hillsboro village has a bunch of shops and restaurants and just a really cool vibe. we grabbed artsy-looking lattes at the '90s-esque coffee shop of my dreams, fido, which was decorated with paintings of psychedelic space cats (below) and checked out a couple of the cute boutiques before heading over to grimey's, a cool record store.  

  • honky tonks
I LOVE ROBERT'S WESTERN WORLD! if you go to nashville, you must go here. after getting our fortune told by elvis at the cheesy gift shop on broadway, we took some seats at the bar and began admiring all the weird decor which included silly bumper stickers and a wall of cowboy boots. as i sipped my jack and coke, we began discussing the longhair that was flipping burgers behind the bar. he was definitely my type, but we questioned the hygiene of his untamed locks during food preparation. all of a sudden, the band who had been playing is all "hide ya daughters, hide ya wives" and burger dude is onstage, wailing on the harmonica and covering muddy waters. he does a few more numbers, hops off of the stage, and greases some more rolls. at this point i was obviously grinning at him like a freak. best and most nashville moment of the trip, i'd say.

we moved on to tootsie's (the famous purple place) which was packed. there was some pretty boy country guy singing, and these spring break sorority chicks soon joined him onstage and embarrassing merriment ensued. we took a picture of us looking uncomfortable and awkward. ALSO I SWEAR ZAC BROWN (of the zac brown band) was there. the guy onstage even said it! but no one else thinks it was him. i really don't care. but...whatever.

then we ate more bbq at some place called "rippy's" where our 19 year-old waiter could not wait to finish his shift. we ended the evening at the "paradise park trailer resort," a total dive where we drank beers and another attractive man was singing. the ceilings had not been dusted since the place opened. and they had a food menu with fried spam sandwiches. we took terrible pictures in a teeny-tiny photobooth and devoured our free doubletree cookies when we got back to the hotel.

  • pancake pantry:
we went back to hillsboro village, because we had to visit this place. such good pancakes. we split the good ol' buttermilk and also got an order of pecan. the 'cakes came with cinnamon-creme syrup which was tasty, but the regular syrup was out of this world awesome. it had a vanilla flavor and was perfect. apparently p!nk showed up right after we left. bah!

  • getting lost on the bus:
we thought we were going back towards downtown, but we ended up in the middle of nowhere in suburban nashville and decided we might as well just head to the airport. so just as i was about to call a cab, one pulls up beside us. THANK YOU TOM PETTY! i'm just going to pretend that it was also tom that creepily complimented me on my "beautiful smile."

in sum: i love biscuits, meat, whiskey, line cooks, space cats, and latte art. oh, and nashville was pretty sweet, too.


  1. What a great post! But I'm hungry now. Please send biscuits.

  2. thanks! i thought i'd never be able to eat again. if i lived in nashville, i'd be fat & drunk all the time.

  3. Awesome! Nashville is one of my all time favorite cities. We spent some amazing time there back in grad school in the 90s (omg I'm so friggin old) and went back for a visit a couple of summers ago with the kids. I wish the Loveless and Bongo Java (fido is part of their empire apparently) were right here in my backyard.

  4. i really enjoyed it and would love to go back to see the spots we missed this time! it definitely helped that we had a former local to show us around - i feel like we got a really good cross-section of the city besides the bars on broadway :)

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