Sunday, January 6, 2013

100 things to do in 2012: month (and year) in review

i figured that since i'm housebound with a cold, i better just churn out this post before it's 2014. with the items i crossed off last month, i hit the 40 mark on the list (just 1.5 less than last year's - weird!) with a bunch of "almosts" - i.e., i have almost memorized the busta rhymes verse but wasn't quite confident enough to youtube it, and i have a 3.96 GPA instead of a 4.0. hopefully paring down my list to 50 this year will give me a better chance of accomplishing most of my items! here's a look at what i did in december:

28. send christmas cards: COMPLETED.

they were ecards, buuuuut it's fine. right?

52. wear red lipstick: COMPLETED.

i stopped by the lancome counter for this one on the afternoon of new year's eve, pretending that i was going to some fancy party instead of dick clark-ing it (ryan seacrest-ing it, rather), and trying on a shade called "retro rouge." i felt kind of like a clown and wanted to take it off, but my dear mom informed me that it made me look like i "stepped out of a fashion magazine" and convinced me to wear it for the rest of the day. "you're getting so many looks!" she said. um, probably because i looked like a clown?!

73.  try on clothes i can't afford: COMPLETED. 

i went into nieman marcus and i'm sure the fabulously flamboyant male employee had my number (it's 21...forever 21) from the moment i strolled in and picked up a $300 rhinestoned alice & olivia top and $200 jeans to try on. I'M ALLOWED! and they did look cute, right?! i still felt slightly bad just
flouncing out without anything, but meh.

91. buy a scratch ticket: COMPLETED.

every year, my uncle buys all of his nieces, nephews, and grandchildren a shit-ton of scratch tickets. and on average, i win like $0. sometimes $2. but i went of my own volition to the machine at my family's local grocery store in NH and picked out a glitzy $2 one called "holiday gold" and promptly won $20. show me da gold!

99. play a dance game on wii: COMPLETED.

it was xbox, but semantics. i am the undefeated champion of "just dance" in my aunt & uncle's household.


my parents' living room, full of holiday cheer

one direction cardboard cut-outs in newbury lifelike!

providence, RI on the way home from visiting family

NH in a photo at lull farm

don't even ask

winter wonderland!

wine tasting at labelle winery (so good)

my uncle's birthday celebration in NY - he made us all kir royales

fondue fun with some lovely ladies!

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