Monday, September 24, 2012

emmys fashion 2012: the good...& the ugly

oh hey, guys! haven't updated in a while - blame it on my no-good gallbladder, which led to 2 surgeries, 2 days in a row. it's been almost 2 weeks now, the GB is gone, and i'm pretty much back to my old self. all is well!

anyways, did y'all watch the emmys? i was overall sort of unimpressed with the fashion statements, though i was happy that aside from the sea foam green and oranges, there wasn't one dominating color like usual. after some careful consideration, i've picked out my favorite & least favorite red carpet looks.


padma lakshmi

you know that phrase, "there's always someone prettier than you"? i think padma is that person. for like, everyone.

amy poehler

simple, gorgeous, elegant. love it!

heidi klum

a little split from seal did her good, i guess!


lena dunham

don't get me wrong. i love, love, love lena and "girls." but this frock is just not a good look.

elisabeth moss

this one reminded me of a brat pack movie prom dress. vintage in the worst sense.

portia de rossi

no words. girl looks like she's going to try and hide in the desert.

what were your picks and pans?!


  1. I'm just glad you're back in action, Ms. K! xo

  2. I only disagree with Amy Poehler (NOT flattering) and Portia (she can wear anything). What did you think of Julianne Moore? Loved the color, hated the long sleeves.
    --Renee @renh77

  3. totally agree about julianne moore! the sleeves took it over the top and it was too much of that bright color. would have been perfect as a sleeveless gown!