Sunday, June 24, 2012


so! i spent the weekend with my family in portland, maine, a city i hadn't been to since i was about 12 or 13 despite it being only two hours away from my hometown. unfortunately, the only thing i had remembered about it was a restaurant called "3 dollar dewey's" which was named because, like, in the old days whores would say 1 dollar looky, 2 dollar touchy, 3 dollar do-ey?" no idea and it doesn't matter. needless to say, i was excited to replace this memory with some better ones this time around. the weekend in random pictures!

crab roll! at the lobster shack on cape elizabeth

awesome tank top i got from a street vendor in downtown portland...i don't think i've ever seen a more "me" shirt in my life

portland head light

didn't eat here (unforch) but this sign was great

i ate some lazy lobstah (dimillo's on the water)


ridiculous fruit-flavored popcorn

scope. this. dog.

Y'ALL! if you ever find yourself in portland, eat at duckfat. awesome little sandwich place that has kickass poutine (pictured above). the belgian fries are fried guessed it, duck fat!

i ordered the b.g.t., ciabatta with bacon, tomato and feta cheese. outstanding.

all in all, i dug portland. it had a great mix of eclectic shops, a healthy hippie contingent (um, it's MAINE) and plenty of good places to grab a bite. two thumbs up!

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