Monday, January 16, 2012

campaign to bring anthony bourdain to orlando: a plea

look, i get it. when most people think "orlando", they think of big mouse ears, big-box chain restaurants, big populations of old people, and big dummies like casey anthony. but it's so much more! i'm talking to you, anthony bourdain.

you might have to look a little bit harder for it than in places like, say, new york or san fran, but o-town has a culture all its own that extends beyond boy bands and theme parks. among the hidden gems:

-a burgeoning food truck scene: peddling everything from chicken and waffles to sushi to gator tail and swedish fare, orlando's food trucks are delicious and varied. weekly "food truck bazaars" bring them all together like one big, happy, gas-powered family.

-great dive bars: will's pub, eye spy, bar-b-q bar, underground bluz. to name a few. plenty of places around town to kick back with a few brews and get weird. can't you just see A.B. hanging out at the lodge among the moose heads?

-MEAT: from the freakin' awesome barbeque at four rivers to the perfect roast beef sandwiches and creepy clown decor at beefy king, there are no shortage of places to enjoy some mouth-watering meaty goodness. rumor has it that the cheesesteak at laspada's is better than pat's in philly, tony...

my point? i'm spreading the word about a great campaign to bring anthony bourdain to orlando. the man's been all over the country and world, but has skillfully evaded pretty much everywhere in florida besides miami. join the revolution, "like" the page, and help us get tony down here, will ya?! mickey and i thank you.

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