Tuesday, August 30, 2011

100 things to do in 2011: month in review.

it's seriously so messed up that it's almost september. but i'm comforted by the fact that for the first time in my life, the weather is only going to get better from here! though i might have foliage withdrawal. anyways, i actually made some progress towards my 100 things goal this month! i'm only at 23.5 total, but whatevs.

13. see 50 new movies: CONTINUED.
in my first week down here, i popped into a matinee of "crazy. stupid. love." by myself. ryan gosling makes everything better! i'm only at a pathetic total of 10 new movies, btw.

14. dine at 50 new restaurants: CONTINUED.
tried a sushi place near school tonight (kyoto) which was surprisingly good, stuffed my face with pulled pork, mac and cheese and fried pickles last weekend with some new friends at 4 rivers smokehouse in winter park (if any of y'all visit, remind me to take you there), and discovered a new favorite casual lunch spot in a place called crispers.

i'm at 31 new places...i'm totally going to hit 50 by december. right?!

32. try one new recipe a month: CONTINUED.
i've been turning into a domestic diva and it's even freaking me out. i made scallops with angel hair and pancetta a couple weeks ago, and i'm gettin' the fixins for chicken puttanesca tomorrow. who am i?

50. yelp about 10 places i've been: COMPLETED.
i've also been turning into a yelping freak lately, but it's fine. i love to eat so damn much that i don't know why it took me so long to get going with it. if you're on there, friend me!

58. read one book per month: CONTINUED.
finally got around to reading "talking to girls about duran duran" by my writing role model/pop culture guru rob sheffield. great summer read!

59. make my bedroom a cozy sanctuary: COMPLETED.
i guess i had to move to do it, but i feel completely cozy and relaxed in my new room (and place, for that matter). i think it's the all-over carpeting.

69. nurture a plant: COMPLETED.
bought a little palm plant for my patio (read: needs as little nurturing as possible) but i've been watering it occasionally, dammit.

77. eat breakfast daily: COMPLETED.
after not eating breakfast for probably close to 3 years, i vowed to myself i'd turn over a new leaf. thanks to my new weird grad school schedule, i've been uber-successful! i just went through a banana nut crunch phase and i'm kind of over it, though. suggestions?


  1. If you want to see more movies, you should check out Enzian Theater in Maitland, central Florida's only arthouse theater, host of the annual Florida Film Festival -- and my employer. :) http://www.enzian.org Come on out and visit!

  2. i've been wanting to check it out! one of these days...