Friday, July 29, 2011

wave backwards to massachusetts: a moving mix

i start the 22-hour drive down to my new life in orlando tomorrow morning, so i decided to make a mix to start me out on my journey. and why the heck shouldn't i share it with y'all? random comments on select tracks below. enjoy!

listen: HERE

1. the maine - don't stop now
makes me giddy like a schoolgirl. that riiiiiiff.
2. cobra starship - you make me feel
3. ja rule- always on time
believe me, the pimp game is VERY religious.
4. morningwood - best of me
if music ACTUALLY played during my life, this would be perfect for a "screw you" romantic or job-quitting scene.
5. hallelujah the hills - wave backwards to massachusetts
had to include this because it's SO apropos.
6. metric - combat baby
7. black kids - look at me when i rock wichoo
fun lil' ditty about a girl who won't give it up before marriage. hilar!
8. alien ant farm - glow
that "smooth criminal" cover totally ruined this band's street cred, but my friend totally changed my mind about them when she sent me this song in high school.
9. nappy roots - roun' the globe
really, really makes me want to have a glass of purple juice for breakfast.
10. arkells - pullin' punches
11. panic at the disco - that green gentleman
a total 180 from their debut stuff, i don't even think you'd recognize these former pop-punkers aside from brandon urie's kinda distinctive voice.
12. phantom planet - dropped
sooooo catchy.
13. rooney - stay away
sooooo summer.
14. ben kweller - penny on the train track
15. cheap girls - ft. lauderdale
16. eve 6 - rescue
from one of my all-time favorite albums (shut up, i'm serious), this song also has some of the best and subtly dirty lyrics ever: "i professed my love in an animalistic manner, like an endless foreign subtitles were sick." yah, brah.
17. the ordinary boys - week in week out
18. dj khaled f/ drake, rick ross & lil' wayne - i'm on one
i found out the other day, thanks to some kind twitter friends, that "i'm on one" means "i'm high" or "i'm on drugs". WHITE GIRL PROBLEMS!
19. the parlor mob - can't keep no good boy down
20. lucky boys confusion - hey driver

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