Wednesday, March 2, 2011

calling all funny adoptees: seeking submissions!

are you adopted? are you hilarious? do you like to write?

as an adoptee who doesn't take anything, including myself, too seriously, i think it's about time that there's a book about adoption that ISN'T heartwrenching, tear-jerking, super-sad, etc. etc.

so, if you have a funny, TRUE story that relates to being adopted in some way - whether it's speculating about your birthparents, getting an unexpected reaction from someone about the fact that you're adopted, or something completely different yet utterly chuckle-worthy, i want to hear it! i'm collecting these essays with the hopes of compiling them into a published, printed collection.

WORD COUNT: your submission should be between 1,000 and 5,000 words and double-spaced.

DEADLINE: may 1, 2011

DETAILS: please send your submission as a microsoft word attachment to along with your full name and contact info, and any relevant background information. feel free to email me with any questions as well.

thank you!


  1. Great idea! Wish I knew some more adopted people, I'd def send them your way!

  2. Cool idea, Kim! I hope you receive lots of responses. I will forward this to a writer friend who was adopted.

  3. Thanks so much, Sandy!! I figured it will be something to work on while I figure out that first book. :) I'm so bummed the class is over!

  4. Kim: I am an adoptee who grew up in the 1960's-70's and searched and found in the 1980's. I have a short story excerpt from a memoir book I've written called, REUNIONS: Growing up Adopted and Finding Myself. It's "light" and humorous in spots but also thought-provoking. It was on-line published at in 2010 because it was 3rd place in a writing contest. I wanted to ask about that before just submitting. Is something pre-published on line acceptable? This is the link to my story, but I can send you an actual word doc as per requested.

    1. Hi Paige! I'm so happy you discovered this post, since I had kind of abandoned the idea when I didn't receive any submissions last year, but was just recently thinking of pursuing it again! I love your story, and think it would be great. I don't have representation for the project yet, but I'm hoping to gather a few samples to include with the proposal and would love for yours to be one of them if that would be okay with you! E-mail me at and let me know. Thanks so much!